About the Activator Method

Activator IV The Activator Method is the world’s most popular instrument adjusting technique in chiropractic, in development for more than four decades and supported by an ever-increasing body of research.

Doctors and students may begin their training in the Activator Method through Activator Online or while attending chiropractic college and can then progress through a series of continuing education seminars to become proficient in the technique. When doctors and students decide to become proficient in the Activator Method, they are taught step-by-step procedures designed to help them understand where, when and when not to adjust a patient.

Registrants to Activator Online have 30 days in which to complete the online courseware. Following completion of Activator Online, learners are encouraged to move on to more advanced courses available at any one of the live seminars held throughout the world by Activator Methods.

For chiropractors seeking CE Credits, Activator Online is fully accredited.