General Questions

What is Activator Online?
Activator Online© (www.activatoronline.com), is the exclusive online learning system developed by Activator Methods. Activator Online is specifically designed to teach doctors, students and healthcare professionals the Basic Scan Protocol©. The Basic Scan Protocol is considered the foundation of the Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique©. All 11 lessons plus the Introduction and the Final Assessment included in Activator Online are derived from the Second Edition of the Activator Methods textbook.

How much does Activator Online cost?
Use of Activator Online requires a registration fee of $499.00, which includes 30-days of unlimited access.

What Lessons are available in Activator Online?
Activator Online is delivered in 11 lessons plus an Introduction to the Activator Method and a Final Assessment.

Courseware titles are as follows:
Introduction: Track 1 Basic Scan Protocol Introduction
Lesson 1: Leg Length Analysis
Lesson 2: Interpreting Results of Initial Leg Check
Lesson 3: Verification Testing
Lesson 4: Activator Basic Scan Protocol
Lesson 5: Knees and Feet
Lesson 6: Pelvis
Lesson 7: Lumbar Spine
Lesson 8: Thoracic Vertebrae
Lesson 9: Scapulae
Lesson 10: Cervical Vertebrae and Occiput
Lesson 11: Basic Scan Protocol Wrap-up
Final Assessment

Who created Activator Online?
Activator Online was created by Activator Co-founder and CEO Arlan W. Fuhr, DC and Lois E. Ward, DC.

Why is Activator Online unique?
Activator Online is the only web-based seminar program teaching the chiropractic technique known as the Activator Method. The courseware has been specially developed to engage the Adult Learner by taking full advantage of the Internet's effectiveness at delivering interactive practice sessions, narration, animation, video and photography.

What system does Activator Online use to ensure that I am being trained correctly on the Basic Scan Protocol?
Confidence Based Marking is central to the assessment and testing process used for Activator Online. Confidence Based Marking is an advanced way for Learners to demonstrate both their knowledge and their confidence in each of their answers. By using Confidence Based Marking, Activator can measure how much learning is actually happening online.

Where should I direct questions about the courseware?
If you have a question about the courseware, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Do I need special computer software to run Activator Online?
Activator Online requires an Internet-enabled computer running a Web Browser. In some cases it may be necessary for you to download Flash for your web browser.

Which Web Browser is recommended?
The Firefox Web Browser is preferable (both Mac and PC versions). Activator Online will also run on Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE) and Safari for Apple's Macintosh. As a general rule, you should be running current Browser software and make sure that your system security protections are up-to-date.

May I access ActivatorOnline.com with AOL?
No. The AOL browser is not supported by Activator Online.

My computer connects to the Internet through a dialup modem. Is that ok?
For best performance a broadband connection is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. The courseware takes full advantage of audio, video and animation, which can be "bandwidth intensive." For this reason Dial-up connections are NOT recommended as the courseware may run slowly.

How do I get technical support if I have a question?
For support you may either email Activator at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Or you may call Activator Methods during normal business operations:
Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Mountain Standard Time. 1-800-598-0224.


How many Continuing Education credits can I earn through Activator Online?
U.S. Chiropractors may be eligible for up to 12 Continuing Education credit hours as a result of completing the online courseware. Approvals and acceptance for online hours vary per state. Local boards may limit the number of online hours doctors can earn toward license renewal. Check with your state board to confirm eligibility of online hours.

What organization is co-sponsoring Activator Online's Continuing Education hours?
Continuing Education credits for Activator Online are being co-sponsored by Palmer College of Chiropractic. Questions regarding state approvals may be directed to the Palmer Continuing Education department at 1-800-452-5032.

How will course completions be transmitted to Palmer?
For the Activator Online user, the process will be automatic. Once the course has been completed, Activator staff will be alerted. The staff will verify the course completion and then transmit the doctor's information to Palmer.


How can I get a proficiency rating after taking the online course?
In order to receive a Proficiency Rating, Doctors completing and passing the courseware online will be required to attend an Activator Seminar and take the written and practical proficiency exams. Upon passing these exams the doctor will be given his Proficiency Rating. There is no charge to come to a seminar and take the test, but there would be a charge if the doctor chooses to then stay and take Track II at the seminar.

Can doctors take online courseware without having to take the one-day Practical Seminar?
Yes, however by foregoing the one-day Practical Seminar the doctor would not be eligible for a Proficiency Rating.

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